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The Building Division is accepting

the following building permit applications via this portal:

Combination (Multiple Trades)

New homes, new accessory/second units (ADUs), additions, interior remodels, kitchens (indoor and outdoor), bathrooms, landscapes, new pools and pool remodels

Building (One Trade)

Re-roofs, window replacements, pool demolition, house demolition, seismic upgrades, siding replacement, non-electric fences and gates and emergency tree removal

Plumbing (PLB) 

        Sewer water tests, backwater valves, water heaters, irrigation, gas lines and French drains

Mechanical (MEC) 

Furnaces (without an air conditioner/condenser) and split systems

Electrical (ELC)

Solar panels, energy backup systems, electric vehicle chargers, electrical service upgrades, recessed lighting and temporary power

Encroachment (ENC)

Utility, rolled gutter, driveway apron, parking strip, work impacting Town utilities, all work in the public right-of-way and easement areas 

Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (M/E/P) 

Furnaces (with an air conditioner/condenser), backup generators and irrigation wells

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 To apply for a Grading permit, please send an email to plancheck@hillsborough.net.  


    For Planning Applications, please visit our Planning Applications page for instructions on how to submit: https://www.hillsborough.net/247/Planning-Applications


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